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Quick reference for main data, AMROH Book only

Computer made curves, not finished section

Datasheet Catalogs
Tube decoding , small print etc


Tube Schematics with Lundahl transformers

Tube Schematics by Tube Part Number

Tube Schematics by HiFi-Brand

Tube Radio Schematics Heaven.
thousands of Tube Radio Schematics online, for free.

Yikes. Radiomuseum. A waist of my time and my money. Definitely not recommended. Make good note, the site is not for free at all. You pay with your time and your energy. Member fee is high for how little you get for it. Sooner than you think, your "points" are gone, and you are forced to upload things before you know it. Otherwise your acces gets limited. Then all the struggle and trouble was for nothing. Very arrogant reaction when I asked for support, as their uploading site did not work. Support, what support?! They write me: We have only a "help" file, and that is all. If you don't find what you need, we don't help you personally. I say ok, give me my money back. Their Answer: No, not after downloading 12 schematics. Now this was really stupid of them, because I have over 100's of thousands of documents and I can upload almost anything somebody needs. But no, they refuse to set me up when the upload doesn't work. Either find it out yourself they say, of forget it. I saved all those arrogant emails of them. It's the typical reaction in the internet, when somebody thinks you can't do anything against it. Well, but I post my opinion here. That I can do against it. So... here it is!
Pro Audio. (Tube Eualizers, mixers, compressors, ect)
Tube Schematics of Musical Instruments


Steve Bench Pages


Some very old articles, still worth reading
Equipment Catalogs


Lundahl Transformers AB The ultimate tip in the internet. This small Swedish family company makes modestly and silently a whole range of unique audio transformers. Priced is in the middle range, but performance is top-class.

Yamamoto Sound Craft JAPAN

For the finest PHONO amplifiers from Japan, and wow.....a LOT more Most interesting KURASHIMA amplifiers. Mr. TOSHI from JAPAN builds his own tubes. (Yes Yes Yes!!!)
2A3 Maniac German Text only. Einer der allerschönsten 2A3 Seiten im Net.
Van den Hull The makers of finest PHONO Cartridges
Audio Note KONDO JAPAN We regret to inform that on January 8th 2006, Hiroyasu Kondo, founder of Audio Note Japan, passed away peacefully in his sleep while attending the T.H.E. SHOW audio show in Las Vegas. He is survived by his wife, Kazuko; his son, Yuji; and his daughter, Hisae.  More...
Gyraf Audio Excellent website if you are interested in tube audio compressors, and other studio equipment. With very nice DIY part
Tube CAD John Broskie's Guide to Tube Circuit Analysis & Design

No joke, Neil Styner shows how to make a working triode from with an alcohol flame, an no vacuum. He observed a power gain of 60x. If really so, this would have changed the early days of radio telegraphy a LOT. More...

More Funny projects - and even more here



Some of my Photoshopped pictures

how a tube works

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