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For getting the best answers to any Questions about any unknown Tube esters, think of the person who must answer you. There are many specialists around, and they do read these things!

1) Post the Question in the right Forum.

2) Give all information you have. Don't make them ask for it.

So do not write: "Hi all, I have a socket problem with my "Sencore T6" Tester, who can help?" So the one that is supposed to help you, must know spend now 15 minutes of his time, and you write him, "thanx". Or not even that.

Remember there is no take without give. So post nice pictures, which are interesting to see, post the schematic if you have, and write in the text what is the issue -write not too little and not too much- and why need help. Tell what have you done to solve it, at what point you got stuck, and what help you hope to get. Tell where you are from, and what you do. You will agree, like THIS it is much more fun to answer you.