Old school multi-pin tube socket.

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Old school multi-pin tube socket.

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Hey Everybody, New guy, new post. . I am hoping one or more of you have an idea of where I can get a few of these sockets. . Can't upload. . O.K. I'm not a computer guy, so I will try to describe it as best I can. . I have a CONAR 221 tube tester & it is missing the old school socket for testing the 4,5,6 pin tubes. . It has a separate socket for testing the 7 pin tubes. . Yes, that's correct, this " socket " is an " all in one " socket. . It has nine pin holes & one hole is for the rivet that holds it all together. . So, if you see it at a glance, it looks like it has 10 pin holes, but only nine are for the pins. . ANY help would be greatly appreciated. . Pete . . God Bless . . .

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Re: Old school multi-pin tube socket.

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Hello Pete,

you do need to attach a picture. If you have no way for that, you can try to find a picture in the internet, and copy the URL in your post. When answering on this forum, there is the "Quick Reply" button, it is only for text. When you use the "post reply" button, you can upload pictures too. Please try that.

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