310A on Funke W19

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310A on Funke W19

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Hi Jac and everyone,
I was wondering how I can test a Western electric 310A pentode on Funke W19. Did anyone try this before?

My suggestion would be to use the combination of the Funke card 509 (6C6) but instead of the "39-45" hole combination (for 6,3V heater voltage) use a "38-42" combination (10,4 V heater voltage).
Would this be correct?
Where do I connect the "Obenanschlusskappe"? In hole "K" ?

Another question: the US-6pin-socket U6A has two pins that are larger in diameter (heater connection). How do I recognize the correct position of these pins in the Funke W19 tube socket
as there is no mark on the socket nor on the tube base ?
Would be great if someone could help.

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