DIY tube curve tracer

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DIY tube curve tracer

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Hello, I've somehow tripped across this forum in my travels around the 'net and it seems an ideal place to see if anyone else is interested in building their own tube curve-tracer.

Most commercial designs are either not made anymore or are just simply too expensive, though a few may pop up on e-bay and the like from time to time.

I have made a start on the hardware design which is tailored to my own requirements. This being smaller tubes and generally triodes, though pentodes say up to EL84/6BQ5 size should be possible with the addition of a screen supply. Larger tubes really only need a beefier power supply.

At this stage the data output would be in an ASCII format such that it can be imported into Excel and a chart produced which looks very similar to those produced by Philips, Mullard and the like in the 50s and 60s. There is no reason why a Windows software guy couldn't develop a better and easier GUI interface - which is not me!

This wouldn't be suitable for those with little practical electronic construction experience, but for those that are up to it you'll be raiding your junk-box!

If anyone is interested send a PM and/or post here...

Steve A.

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