Weston Model 771 Type 2 Checkmaster

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Weston Model 771 Type 2 Checkmaster

Post by TubeMuseum »

I'm restoring a Weston Model 771 Type 2 Checkmaster for the Museum.

I have the instructions card, but not the tube test data. Does anyone have an electronic copy you can send me, or know where to find this online?

And feel free to let me know if you have any experience/suggestions to help restore this.

I've always liked Weston stuff, and I particularly like the art deco look of this tester.


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Re: Weston Model 771 Type 2 Checkmaster

Post by droach »

Hi Charles - I have a set of 4 pages of tube data for the Weston Models 770, 771, 773, & 775. I have not been successful at attaching them to this post as JPGs or PDFs. If you can tell me how, I will upload them. Otherwise I can send them via private message.

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