Need help in identifying old tube tester

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Need help in identifying old tube tester

Post by Mil4898 »

Hello Guys,

I have got my hands on an old tube-tester , which is in need of some work . I have opened it up and see a few wires floating around , suggesting missing components ( a switch definitely) . The wiring looks very old , I would be guessing pre ww2 .

Can you help me identify it , as I could not find any information on this model . Next step would be to find a schematic , so that it can be fixed .

Here are some pics of it:


And front panel :


Much appreciate your help


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Re: Need help in identifying old tube tester

Post by Jac19 »

It has the appearance of pre war Neuberger testers. Also the sockets are German, and from this period. So the manufacturer is likely Neuberger.

I believe this is a dedicated tester, for some special tubes only, because there is no switch for the socket connections. So the sockets are wired for only one tube type.

I do not know for sure... Just my best guess.

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