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Taylor Tube Tester 45D2

Postby danyavo3 » Thu Nov 01, 2018 12:26 am

I own few tube testers which I calibrated & overhauled. Among them is this model. I got it from eBay UK about 2 years ago for about $650 including shipping. It was listed as fully working, however, when i got it it was DOA - the seller packed it poorly, thus needing reconnecting of some wires & replacement of few "broken" resistors on the PCB. I worked out a 1/2 purchase price refund(to be fair - not of the shipping) from the seller. It came w/ the original data set-up manual = thousands of tubes. Also a copy of the instruction manual, including the CCT diagram.
There's no calibration in this tester - it relies on its exact resistors. The meter is quite sturdy - 250uA. You've to test on the appropriate Gm scale, otherwise you get wrong Ia currents.
- I also tested the resistors - some were out of their tolerances = replacement.
- I replaced the rectifiers(MR1 & MR2) w/ 1N4007's.
-- Pots A & B are 1 turn WW. The 1st for testing is to adjust pot A CW for full scale mtr deflection. Some tubes require very little movement from the CCW position, which's very hard to obtain the full scale mtr.
-- (the UPGRADE) - I thus replaced this pot(2K) w/ a 10 turn WW(it's very cheap on eBay) = a pleasure to adjust. Pot B is OK as a 1 turn.
- It's a good idea to replace the N.O. test PB w/ a Light Touch contact one - get few(cheap on eBay) in order to choose the best.
Otherwise the tester compares favorably w/ my AVO VCM3.
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